The sun was falling like a yellow beach ball as the crowds thronged to the 6X tent. Mr Love and Justice, a Swindon-based band, were already on stage. Their attractive mix of strong harmonies, skilled playing and easy banter with the audience helped to get everyone in the festival mood.” - Jim Marshall

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High Note Acoustic Showcase relaunch at St Bonaventure's: Those who weren't there for High Note's first Acoustic Showcase at St Bon's missed out on an excellent musical treat. The night was topped off by the performance of Mr Love & Justice from Swindon, fronted by singer-songwriter Steve Cox. Again excellent original songs, leavened by a couple of familiar covers. The sound produced by the vocals and guitars of Steve and Nick with inventive and well-matched percussion from Brendan even had some people dancing at times! We look forward to their return to St Bon's before too long.”

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fluent and just thoroughly delightful to listen to you. The pop and folk flow but they also can work up a fair rock sweat too. They are accomplished musicians and so they switch easily from one to another. They have an impressive array of tunes.” - Songsmith

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The evening was rounded off by Mr Love & Justice, who performed their well crafted & intelligent songs. They were funny & relaxed between songs, talented & well balanced during them. Great stuff.” - Helen Ditchburn

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